Communication is important when verbalizing your vision for the perfect wedding cake. Many brides-to-be start off by deciding if they want a traditional cake or more contemporary design. If choosing traditional, assuming that your baker will have the same idea as you may bring unexpected results. Instead, spend the same energy researching and explaining as you would a custom creation for the best results.

Truly traditional cakes are often not the flavor, texture or look couples will be thinking of. Brides may very well want many traditional “aspects” in their wedding but it usually stops at white dress and a tiered cake. Color, flavor, style and the decor of the room on the big day all play important roles in choosing the perfect cake, right down to the look of the invitations.

To create a magical feel, everything must tie together. This does not mean match or copy, but suggests more a continuing congruity between the varied elements. In other words, it works best to match the cake decorations to the ribbon your invitation or perhaps the beads and flowers on your dress. Be as attentive to the details as possible and when you are ready to have a consultation about your cake, bring pictures; LOTS of pictures. Visual imagery is the easiest way to communicate your feelings correctly to your cake designer and be more assured of a fabulous result. Brides that do their homework get their dream cakes thus making their event a perfect memory forever.

There is also the consideration of a tiered cupcake arrangement in lieu of a traditional cake. In presence and feel the display can be very similar to a traditional tiered cake but cupcakes offer much more variety because of the ability to mix an match the flavors to share and enjoy. Cupcakes are also popular for their ability to be eaten with a napkin instead of requiring dessert plates and utensils. This can be a great cost and time saver as well as give more of an informal feel to the event if you are looking for a more low key feel.

If brides are feeling more in tune with a modern wedding, vintage designs or perhaps a shabby chick look are great ways to go. These looks can include pastel colors, lacy patterns, cameos and sometimes a touch of a Victorian feel with gold colors.
Make sure to research your cake maker as well. Look for someone that specializes in wedding cakes and has a good eye for design. Once you think you have found a great artist, be sure to schedule a tasting to choose the perfect flavor combination. Flavor is important but so is the communication and the skill set of the baker. Make sure you choose someone that can do the style of cake you need. Not all tiered cake makers can do specialized shapes and vice versa.

Above all have fun with it! Your imagination is the limit so ask, share and explore before and after your meeting with your baker. On the day of, remember to snap photographs of your creation and choose light backgrounds for cakes with color, dark backgrounds for lighter cakes. This will help the photos “pop” and make gorgeous mementos for the keepsakes you will be creating when it’s all said and done.